Saturday, September 15, 2018

New Opportunity of Wealth Creation !!

Hello Friends, 

Welcome Back Again !!

After Last Post of Wealth Creation, Many Queries were received for new Wealth Creation Opportunities for Next 5-10 years Horizon, I am Not Sure if anyone thinks of Holding anything for 18-20 years as of now. The Real Fact is Wealth Creation always happens in a rapid pace after spending 5-10 years of consolidation or a base building. Stocks never start running on day 1 of your investment, giving multi fold returns. 

Always Plan for the next 10 years or more, if you want to Create big wealth !! 

Invest in the Businesses at Very Early Stages, when no One is Interested !! 

We are Presenting Such a Opportunity, where Everything is starting up now, Just at the right time to enter.

A New Company is About to Take Birth in the form of a Private Limited Company in the earlier stages, Which Would be Listed In Next 4 years approximately with Big Value unlocking for Initial Share Holders. This Company is Coming with all new set of ideas in Educational Sector, Having Big Growth Potential and it will penetrate to the root levels of the Society in the First 2 years Only. Expecting a force of 1500+ to work with us in just 2 years. 

This Company is all set to work in Collaboration of some of the big names in the Market. Few of the Big Companies Will Start Investing in the Company's Project in Next 1-2 years Boosting the Balance Sheets of the Company and Helping in Growth of the Share Holders Value. 

This Company will Commence it's Operations in Jan-Feb 2019, Basic Preparations, Documentation, Necessary Registrations, Everything Will be Completed in Next 4-5 months. 

We are Opening Only 20% for the Public to Invest at this level, 


This is How it will Work For Non Promoter Share Holding : 
1) Investment per Share : Rs. 2100/- 
2) Minimum Qty to be purchased : 10 (per applicant) 
3) Maximum Qty to be Purchased : 50 (per applicant)
4) Minimum Investment Amount : Rs. 21000/- (per Applicant) 
5) Maximum Investment Amount : Rs. 1,05,000/- (per Applicant) 
6) NET Capital of the Company will be : Rs. 1,05,00,000/- Only 
7) Maximum % of Share Holding per applicant : 1% Only (50 shares) 

Promoter Holding Will be as below
1) % of Share Holding with Promoters : 80% 
2) No of Shares held by Promoters : 4000 
3) Value of Promotes Share : Rs. 84,00,000/- 

One of the Promoters will be "Pratham Financial Services" 

Name of the New Company, Proposed Projects and Other Details will be Announced Time to time Only after acquiring certain Copyrights.

If you believe in the Promoters and their Work, Invest as early as Possible, The Open Qty may get sold within a few days, and then there will be a waiting period of at least 3-4 years till the listing of the Company at a Much Higher Value. 

We are Not Commuting any kind of Fixed Returns or Assurance of a Certain Value in Future !! But We may assure you, It will be a Life Changing Experience for all the Share Holders !!             

If you want to Invest : 
Drop a Message of Whatsapp : (+91) 8275 298 208 
or Write a Mail to    : 

We will need some KYC Documents, and a Form at a Later Date, Once all the Required Members are Registered with us !! 

Thanks to All !! 

Hope you will be Getting in for a Bright Future and Wealthy Life !! 


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

SILENT Wealth Creator !!

Hello All !! 

Back Again for a Simple Post, Was Busy with some Very Important Work in Last Few Months !! 

Will be Back to Market Now as the Work is in Final Stages. 

Forget it and Read For Fun !! 

While Discussing about some Stocks with few big minds of the game, Noticed a stock which is a Silent Wealth Creator for Investors. Most of the times the Wealth Creators are never in Lime light. These are the Stocks that are never on traders list. Just found a Stock and Searched History of the Stock to Find Amazing Results. Here are the details .. 

This Company was Founded in 1990 by 2 Chartered Accountants and it was Founded in PUNE. The Company made it's Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 1999. 

The Company Works through 31 Offices around the World in 16 Countries, Having 12000+ Employees. The Hard work and Innovation shows through 60+ Patents Filed and 9 Global Innovation awards. 

We have heard Many Stories about the Wealth Creation by Few Companies like Eicher, Wipro, Etc. But I bet you haven't heard about wealth creation by this Company yet. 

Let's See the Chart of the Price Movement on Monthly timeframe as we are going to Check it for a Longer period, almost from the Listing Period. 

It's Very Clean that in Initial Phases of Stock Listing, the Stock price was trading in a Small Range for a Longer Period and The Low of the Stock Price is Around 0.70 Only. 

We are Taking into Consideration From 01/01/2001, i.e. 1st January 2001 for Study Purpose. The Stock Price was trading around 2.50 on this date. The Price was almost at the same level even after 1 year from our assumption date. 

Date of Investment : 1st January 2001 
Stock Buying Price  : Rs. 2.50/- 
Amount Invested    : Rs. 10,000/- Only 

Quantity of Shares Purchased : 4000 (Face Value 10/-) 

On 03rd March 2005, 
Company Announced a Stock Split of 1:2, i.e. Face Value 10 was split to Face Value 5.  

Number of Holding Shares were Doubled due to Stock Split, So the Holding Went up from 4000 shares to 8000 shares, with adjustment in Stock Price. 

3rd March 2005 : Holding Quantity Became 8000 after Stock Split 

On 4th January 2007, 
Company Announced a Stock Split again from Face Value 5 to Face Value 2. 
Result : Holding Quantity Increased 2.5 times. 

Holding Quantity Increased to 20,000 from 8,000

On 4th January 2007 Company Announced a Bonus after Stock Split, The Bonus was Simply 1:1 

Holding Quantity Increased to 40,000 from 20,000 

On 13th March 2012, 
Company Announced a Bonus Issue with a ratio of 1:1 

Holding Quantity Increased to 80,000 from 40,000 

Initial Purchased Quantity was 4000 Only, Which ultimately went up to 80,000 after few Stock Splits and Bonuses. We are Completely Ignoring the Price Movement till now. Every Corporate Action comes with a Price Adjustment in the Stock Price. 

We Have Not Considered the Dividends in this Calculations yet. 

So, From a Purchased Quantity of 4000 shares, we have moved to 80,000 shares in approx 18 years. In Simple Terms, Our Holding Quantity has Multiplied by 20 times in 18 years, We are Still ignoring the Price Factor. 

If We Consider Price Factor : 
Current Market Price of the Stock is : 307 (Rounded off) as on 11 Sep 2018 

Our Holding Value Becomes : 
80,000 (qty) X 307 (price) = 2,45,60,000/- 

In Simple Words, Our Investment of Rs. 10,000/- has became Rs. 2,45,60,000/- in approx 18 years time. Which is 2456 times in 18 years or 2456 times in 216 months, in short Our Capital has Multiplied by 11 times every month on an average to give us these kind of Returns, and that too without trading for a Single day. If we Consider average 22 Working Days in a Month, The Returns are Average 50% on your Invested Capital EVERY SINGLE DAY !! Isn't it Amazing?? 

Most of the Readers might be thinking about the Stock, right ?? 

Don't Worry, I won't keep it a Secret... 

The Stock is a MidCap IT Company. 

Headquartered in Pune (India), This is a global technology company that specializes in providing IT Consulting and Product Engineering solutions and services to key focus industries.

and The Name of the Company is ... KPIT TECHNOLOGIES LTD. 

Live Stock Price Can be Tracked by Clicking here

The Stock Price Can give Huge Returns if Invested and Hold With Patience. Very Few Investors / Traders Have this Kind of patience to be successful in Stock Markets. 

Hope you have Learnt Something about Patience and Magic of Investing with this Article.

Disclaimer : 

The Author, Atul S Shinde is a Technical Analyst and Global Market Expert having Global Certifications from many International Institutions in the Subject of Financial Planning and Investments. He is a Active Market Participant and Adviser since Last 10 years for Global as well as Indian Investors. This Article is Written for Information purpose only. It's not a Trading or Investment Recommendation. Stock Market Investments are Risky and you must Consult your Financial Adviser before entering any trade. Follow Strict Risk Management. 

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Friday, April 6, 2018


Hello Guys, 

We Announced a BLOCKBUSTER OFFER Last Month to Help Traders Having Small Capital and Small Risk Appetite !! 

Have a Check on this Offer :- 

Received Huge Response to Our Initiative.. and Worked well !!

Target was to create Profit by trading 1 Trade with 1 lot at a time. Last Month March 2018 was Highly Volatile Hunting Traders on both sides. Our Trading Members Enjoyed the Month with Low Risk, Big Profits. All the Trades were done One-After the Other, Positional Holding. 

Have a Look at the Trades done ... 

Summary of the Trades done is as Below : 

1) VEDL = -8750/-
2) Hexaware = +39,000/-
3) Indian Bank = +32000/-
4) Muthoot Fin = -9000/-
5) M&M Finance = +13750/-
6) Chennai Petro = +16500/-

Added Few More Trades Later after this Update : 

Added Profit of 
7) TATA Communications = -12,000/-
8) IGL = +22,000/- 

      NET BOOKED PROFIT = +93500/-

With Capital of Approx 1,50,000/- We Have Booked 93,500/- Profit and The Trades will Continue till April End. Expecting 100% Growth Till April End !! 

Today We Are in Nil Position Ahead of Weekend. No Risk / No Headache of Market Ups and Downs. 

I hope you are doing the same with your trading !! 

If Not ........ Try This Blockbuster Offer For 2 Months... No Excuse of Less Capital Can Stop you From Earning Big Profits !! 

The PACK will be VALID from 03rd May 2018 to 01st July 2018 !! 


Existing Members will Get Good Deals on Monthly Future Packs Now Onwards. 


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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

ONLINE TRAINING ... Pre Launch Bookings Open !!


We Make Learning Fun !! 

Globally Known Technical Analyst and SEBI Certified Investment Adviser will make your Every Step Towards Professional Quality Technical Analysis More Simple !! 

Have You Ever Visited a School Where Teachers Teach you Only Additions in Mathematics and Never Talk about Subtraction, Multiplication or Division ?

Have you Learnt To Write Sentences Directly Instead of Learning Alphabets ?

Have you Ever seen a Doctor Who Specializes in a Certain Area without going through a Few years of Basic Medicines Graduation Course ? 

Have you Seen Master Chef, Who Knows to Cook a Dish with a Single Formula Only and Doesn't have the Knowledge of Basic Ingredients ?

May Be No One !!  

Have you Ever Thought Why You are not taught to Read and Write Sentences Directly in School ? or Why Not Given Complex Mathematical Equations Directly without teaching basic numbers and slowly moving on from Basic Calculations to complex equations? 

Have you Ever Thought about it ?

Think Again and again ... 

What would have happened if the Basic Stages are Dropped and you are Directly taught few Tips and Tricks to succeed in life ?

Will you be Successful with that knowledge ? 

Will it be useful to develop reasoning abilities? ... A BIG NO !! 

Then WHY Most of the Traders in Stock Market are always Happy to Learn a Simple Strategy and Ignore to Develop the Ability of reasoning ? If no one Succeeds in Life with Single Lesson ? How do traders Expect to Succeed in Stock Markets without in depth Knowledge of Why and How Things Develop on Charts and How do they affect Market Movements ? 

We are Coming with a Detailed Course on Technical Analysis, Which will guide you through the Complex World Like a School Child, From Very Basics to Advanced in Slow and Systematic Way.. 

We Don't Teach Strategies, We teach you to develop your own Strategies. We Teach you the Basic Concepts behind every formation on Chart, so that you will be able to identify the Future Price Movement, when No One Can even think about it !! 

Everything will be Simple, Easy to Learn and Will be illustrated Live !! 

The Most Important thing is you will be able to Learn Everything from the Comforts of your Home !! No need to Go anywhere, Savings in Travel and Accommodation Expenses. 

The Course will Go Slowly From Very Basics of Charting and will Take you to the Complex Analysis Methods, You will Understand the Simplicity in the Complex things !! 

I have Heard Somewhere .. Nice Statement .. 

"Trading is Simple! There is a Whole Industry to Make it Complicated! " 

Very True !! 

Charting and Analysis is Really Simple, Don't be Afraid of it !!

Come, Learn With us.... Online !!

Registrations are Open Now.... For The First Online Batch !! 

REGISTER BEFORE it's TOO LATE... For Registrations and Payment Details Drop a mail to 

First Batch will be Limited Batch of 20 Members Only, Don't want to make it Crowded !! 

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Karnataka Bank Ltd. : Technically a Good Opportunity

Hello Friends,

Markets are Falling Continuously since last few weeks, The Fall is still a Fall in Uptrend, Many Stocks are Getting Back to Their Breakout Levels for retesting the Breakout zones. Technically the Retesting process is assumed as a Important development for Entering the Stocks. While searching Charts I came across a good Bank and Sharing it for all.. 

Stock to be Discussed is : KARNATAKA BANK LTD. 

The Stock is a Banking Stock and the sector is currently worst performing sector. Let's visit the Chart for a Quick Review of What's happening in the Stock. 

This is a Monthly Chart of the Stock, We can Clearly see a Breakout From Falling Trendline, Now with the fall in overall Markets and Particularly Banking Stocks, The Stock is returning to the Falling Trendline Support and a Confluence Point at 108 levels. The Stock if Holds this level and Shows reversal, It can be a Great Opportunity to Enter for a big Reward. 

Recommendation : 

Karnataka Bank Ltd. 
Buy Near 108 
Stoploss : 99 -98 
Targets : 117 - 129 - 162 

The Risk Reward is Very Nice at this level with 10 Rs. Risk and 9 - 21 - 54 Rs. Reward. 

Lot Size For this Stock is 3800
Risk Per Lot Future is 38000 
Reward per Lot Future will be : 34200 - 79800 - 205200

Options Traders : 
BUY KTKBANK 115 Call (MARCH 2018) @ 4 (CMP 5.50+)
Stoploss : 2
Targets : 8 - 12 
Lot Size : 3800
Investment : 15200 
Risk : 7600
Reward : 15200 - 30400

Disclaimer : 
The Analysis is done by a Globally recognized Technical Analyst, Global Market Expert and SEBI Certified Investment Adviser ATUL S SHINDE. He is Having 10 years of Experience in International as well as Indian Markets as an Analyst, Adviser and Fund Manager. The Stock may or May not be in his Personal Portfolio, But it is Recommended to his HNI Clients for Investment Purpose. 

Want to Learn Similar Kind Of Analysis From the Analyst ?? 
Drop us a Message on Mention Your Name, City and WhatsApp No. We Will update you about the Programs. 

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

LAKSHMI VILAS BANK LTD. .... Good Opportunity of Longs !!

Hello All, 

Today We will Talk about a Banking Stock. 


Not Much is Limelight, The Stock Comes in News once in a year for some Good Investors Entry in the stock. Nothing Happens after that, Most of the Times, the Stock Performs Slowly and Silently. 

Let's go to the Chart, Posting Only Monthly Chart

The Stock is seen trading in a Rising Channel, within a uptrend and now it is reversing to the channel supports. Also Marked is a Dark Blue Line, which acted as a Long Term Resistance in the Past, After Breakout from the resistance, the stock is reversing for the First time to retest the breakout level. Previous Strong Resistance will now act as a Strong Support for the stock. It is Supported by the Rising Trendline Support and Simultaneously the 50 & 89 SMA Acting at the same zone may support and The Zone from 90 to 98 will Act as a Multiple Supports Zone. 

I am Expecting the Stock to Reverse from the Support and a Move Towards a New High will resume again. The Risk Reward in this Stock is Very Lucrative and Mouth Watering. One Can Go Long with a Small 5% Exposure of the Trading Capital. 

Recommendation : 
Trade : BUY 
CMP : 104 
Buy Zone : 98-102-104 
Stoploss : 90 
Targets :  122 - 155 - 188 and above ... 

Disclaimer : 
The Analysis is done by a Globally recognized Technical Analyst, Global Market Expert and SEBI Certified Investment Adviser ATUL S SHINDE. He is Having 10 years of Experience in International as well as Indian Markets as an Analyst, Adviser and Fund Manager. The Stock may or May not be in his Personal Portfolio, But it is Recommended to his HNI Clients for Investment Purpose. 

Want to Learn Similar Kind Of Analysis From the Analyst ?? 
Drop us a Message on Mention Your Name, City and WhatsApp No. We Will update you about the Programs. 

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