Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Karnataka Bank Ltd. : Technically a Good Opportunity

Hello Friends,

Markets are Falling Continuously since last few weeks, The Fall is still a Fall in Uptrend, Many Stocks are Getting Back to Their Breakout Levels for retesting the Breakout zones. Technically the Retesting process is assumed as a Important development for Entering the Stocks. While searching Charts I came across a good Bank and Sharing it for all.. 

Stock to be Discussed is : KARNATAKA BANK LTD. 

The Stock is a Banking Stock and the sector is currently worst performing sector. Let's visit the Chart for a Quick Review of What's happening in the Stock. 

This is a Monthly Chart of the Stock, We can Clearly see a Breakout From Falling Trendline, Now with the fall in overall Markets and Particularly Banking Stocks, The Stock is returning to the Falling Trendline Support and a Confluence Point at 108 levels. The Stock if Holds this level and Shows reversal, It can be a Great Opportunity to Enter for a big Reward. 

Recommendation : 

Karnataka Bank Ltd. 
Buy Near 108 
Stoploss : 99 -98 
Targets : 117 - 129 - 162 

The Risk Reward is Very Nice at this level with 10 Rs. Risk and 9 - 21 - 54 Rs. Reward. 

Lot Size For this Stock is 3800
Risk Per Lot Future is 38000 
Reward per Lot Future will be : 34200 - 79800 - 205200

Options Traders : 
BUY KTKBANK 115 Call (MARCH 2018) @ 4 (CMP 5.50+)
Stoploss : 2
Targets : 8 - 12 
Lot Size : 3800
Investment : 15200 
Risk : 7600
Reward : 15200 - 30400

Disclaimer : 
The Analysis is done by a Globally recognized Technical Analyst, Global Market Expert and SEBI Certified Investment Adviser ATUL S SHINDE. He is Having 10 years of Experience in International as well as Indian Markets as an Analyst, Adviser and Fund Manager. The Stock may or May not be in his Personal Portfolio, But it is Recommended to his HNI Clients for Investment Purpose. 

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

LAKSHMI VILAS BANK LTD. .... Good Opportunity of Longs !!

Hello All, 

Today We will Talk about a Banking Stock. 


Not Much is Limelight, The Stock Comes in News once in a year for some Good Investors Entry in the stock. Nothing Happens after that, Most of the Times, the Stock Performs Slowly and Silently. 

Let's go to the Chart, Posting Only Monthly Chart

The Stock is seen trading in a Rising Channel, within a uptrend and now it is reversing to the channel supports. Also Marked is a Dark Blue Line, which acted as a Long Term Resistance in the Past, After Breakout from the resistance, the stock is reversing for the First time to retest the breakout level. Previous Strong Resistance will now act as a Strong Support for the stock. It is Supported by the Rising Trendline Support and Simultaneously the 50 & 89 SMA Acting at the same zone may support and The Zone from 90 to 98 will Act as a Multiple Supports Zone. 

I am Expecting the Stock to Reverse from the Support and a Move Towards a New High will resume again. The Risk Reward in this Stock is Very Lucrative and Mouth Watering. One Can Go Long with a Small 5% Exposure of the Trading Capital. 

Recommendation : 
Trade : BUY 
CMP : 104 
Buy Zone : 98-102-104 
Stoploss : 90 
Targets :  122 - 155 - 188 and above ... 

Disclaimer : 
The Analysis is done by a Globally recognized Technical Analyst, Global Market Expert and SEBI Certified Investment Adviser ATUL S SHINDE. He is Having 10 years of Experience in International as well as Indian Markets as an Analyst, Adviser and Fund Manager. The Stock may or May not be in his Personal Portfolio, But it is Recommended to his HNI Clients for Investment Purpose. 

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

EQUITY PLUS ... Highest Selling :)

Hello Investors !! 

Coming up with something interesting that most investors don't know about us!! 

The Fact is : 

We Don't Work Fro Traders Only....  
We Work for a Big Investor Community also Delivering Value To Their Portfolios Consistently. Our Equity Picks are Normally from Top Stocks of the Market. We believe in Quality Work and avoid more trading. Buy Right and Seat Tight is the Mantra For Value Creation. It's not Necessary to search Penny Stocks and Buy Huge Quantity expecting Multibaggers. We have Proved it many times and it can be proved if one Goes through our Blog and Telegram Channel. 

Our EQUITY PACKS are yearly Packs & are Opened rarely For Subscriptions... 


Posting a Preview of One Trade to Know How It Works ... 


Let's See the Monthly Chart of this Stock .. 

The Stock is Consolidating since a Long Time and On Monthly Chart, the Stock has Formed a Bullish Formation of Inverted Head and Shoulder... The Formation is considered as Highly successful in Results. The Neckline of this formation is around 117, Recently the Stock has formed a Hammer of Monthly Chart and on Support, Closing above 117. The Formation of this Candle Supports the breakout. Targets of the breakout comes @ 220+ zone. 

Recommendation : 

Buy in the Range of 110-117
Stoploss : 96 
Targets : 160 - 180 - 220

Disclosure : 
The Author Atul S Shinde, is a Technical Analyst, Global Market Expert and SEBI Certified Investment Adviser having More than 10 years of Experience in International and Indian Markets as an Adviser and Fund Manager. 
We Recommend to Trade with Proper Risk Management and Follow Proper Leverage, Consult your Investment Adviser before trading on our Recommendations. 

_________________________ _________________________ 


The Package Offers Positional Equity Trades, with proper guidance of Entry, Exit and Allocation of Funds. 

Yearly Package, One time Payment for yearly Service. 

Pay Using Following link : PAY FOR EQUITY PLUS

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Monday, February 19, 2018

CANFIN Homes Ltd.. Breaking Out in Bad Market ??

Hello Again, 

Today Found a Nice Setup in Extremely weak Markets, Surprisingly The Stock was not reacting to the Market today, So thought of sharing it with you guys. 

The Stock is CANFIN Homes Ltd., yes Many Guys will be surprised to see the name of a HFC while the Banking Sector is Bleeding. But I Believe individual Stocks Perform even in a Bad Market. and As you all might Know, I am always on Buy Side in Current Market as it is a Up trending Market for me, yes For Me Markets are still in uptrend and the Trend is not Compromised yet. Though the Markets are Trading near a Very Crucial Level, I believe we will See surprise Moves in Coming week. 

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Let's Focus on Today's Stock 

This is a Weekly Time Frame Chart and It was Shared on our Telegram Channel Earlier Where We have Done Our First Target as the Trade was taken Immediately On Breakout As per the Chart, The Stock is breaking out of the Falling Trend after a considerable correction. The Stock has been Respecting the Rising Trendline since a Long time. Recently a spike down was witnessed where the Stock has taken support on 100 Day Simple Moving Average and Bounced back. As We can see on Charts, The Bar which took support on 100 DMA has also formed an Outside Bar Formation and the Next Breakout Bar has done the Required breakout. 

Now we will see the Stock on Smaller time frame chart 

This is a Daily Time frame Chart and Here We can see more Detailed picture. The Stock after breakout from a Falling trendline has retraced with the current Market Correction to retest the Falling Trendline. The Retest is almost done and the Price is forming a Strong Confluence Zone for a Strong Support.. The Trend line Support, The Resistance turned Support line and a 100 Day Exponential Moving Average are working at a same zone of 488-489 levels and will act as a Strong Support Now. 3 Forces working together to push or keep the price higher. The Stock is a Buy till it is trading above this support zone.

At a Support zone on a Overall Weak day for the Markets, we have witnessed indecisive move here with a Doji Formation. The Bullish Candles from the Bottom are Strong and having BH Bigger than CH, indicating strong Bullish Momentum. 

CANFIN Homes Ltd. is a Buy around 500 Levels with a Stoploss Near 488 or Little Lower to Avoid False impact of Market Volatility. The Targets for this Trade are seen around 536 - 560 - 578 and may be 620++ Soon :) 

Future Traders :
Lot Size is 1250,
Your Risk Per Lot Trade will be 12 x 1250 = 15000/- Rs. may vary according to your entry levels
45000 - 75000 - 97500
(Considered Buy @ 500 and Stoploss @ 488)
and The Reward for this trade will be (Considered buy @ 500)

It's an Amazing Risk / Reward setup for me and I will prefer Buying this Stock for good gains on Positional Holding. 

The Analyst, Atul S Shinde is a Technical Analyst and SEBI Certified Investment Adviser. He is Having a Global Exposure with 10 years of Global Market Experience and More than 9 years of Indian Markets Experience as a Trader, Adviser and Fund Manager. The Stock Discussed here may be advised to my Clients, The Analysis given here is completely unbiased and doesn't have any vested interest here. Please Follow Risk Management and Do not Over trade in Current Market Conditions. Consult Your Trading Adviser and If you are not having one please appoint someone or follow someone before you loose your Capital. 

Contacts : 
Whatsapp : (+91) 8275 298 208
Mail : 

All The Best Guys, See you soon!!

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Awarded For the Work

Hey Guys, 

Good News for all of you... 

Your Favorite Blog is now Included in the TOP 75 Trading Blogs from the World... 

Thank you For All Your Support !! Please Keep Visiting the Blog, it will be updated more Frequently from Now Onwards.... Share the Blog Link with all your Trading Colleagues and Friends, Let them Experience the World Class Analysis !! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

GOLD .... Traders Love Story !!

Hello Friends, 

Here I come with a Traders Love Story, on the Occasion of Valentines Day !!

Here is a Reference of My Previous Update on the Bullion for My International Clients....

Those who are on My Telegram Channel and on My Whatsapp Broadcast List might have gone through my Analysis on Gold in my Yearly Report. If You are Not on my Telegram Channel, Please Join in as Fast as Possible so you may not miss the original updates, I have found many guys circulating My Analysis by changing the charts and wording after my post and claiming the same as their own analysis. So Take Care before you follow someone.. 

Today was a Volatile day in Comex Gold and Equities in US Market due to the Inflation data in US. Many traders came out with queries on what to do in GOLD.

The Answer is Simple, I Never Change my Views with Small Volatility. View Remain the same as I always follow Long Term Charts and My Views derived from them are normally Shock Proof. 
Here is What I have written in my Analysis in the Yearly Report .. 

I have clearly given my Views in clean words .. The Metal is always a Buy on Dips.. in Last Few Days, Gold Has done lows around 1305-1306 from 1344 and today did a High of 1350 almost. 

Here is a weekly Chart of the Commodity .. 

This Chart Clearly Indicates a Break of Down Trend, Sideways Moves after Breakout and Formation of "Cup & Handle" Formation. The Formation is Very Much according to a Secret Formula that no one will tell you. (You may learn it in our 2 Day Technical Analysis Workshop in Mumbai on 17th & 18th Feb 2018, in Pune on 24th & 25th Feb 2018, In Hyderabad on 10th & 11th March 2018... Register Fast as the Seats are limited and are getting booked fast)

The Cup & Handle Chart Pattern Breakout Will Take the Bullion Metal towards a Target of 1566-1588 levels. Obviously it will not be a One Way Move, It will move slowly and steadily with Smaller Corrections in between, As the Targets are Very Clear, You must be able to follow the trend. 

What About Indian Rates in Gold? 
Gold is assumed to be a Safe Heaven for Investors across the World and Our Love as Indians with the Gold is known to the whole World. We are obsessed with the Metal and it is the Most Preferred Investment for us Indians. 

Let me Guide you through the Chart, The Chart is Different from Comes Gold, the reason is Dollar Rupee Conversion in Rates. The Metal was moving in a broader Range and Never Corrected big even after a Big Correction in Comex Gold. Here in MCX Gold, We can see a Similar Structure Forming which is Termed as Cup & Handle, it's a Bullish Pattern and The Price is Now Trading near Neckline of the Formation, Closing above the Neckline on Weekly Basis will Confirm the Breakout and it will give a Way towards 32440 - 33200 levels in Gold in Near Term. The Support will be The Rising Trendline as the Price progresses in the uptrend. Immediate Support will be 29730 area and it will be a Good Demand Zone for the Metal.

The Conclusion is : 
MCX GOLD is a Safe Buy on Every Dip Towards 29730, with a Small Stoploss, It is a Buy Above 30570 Levels on Weekly Closing Basis. for Higher Targets of 32440 and 33200 in Near Terms.

The MCX Gold is a Derivative Contract which involves High Risk to your Capital, so Trade according to your Risk Management and Consult your Trading Adviser before Entering the Trade. For me Shorting the Metal for smaller Gains of 100-200 points is a Bad Idea, I will Look for a Fall to Buy, which is Technically, Practically and Theoretically a Better approach to Trading with Proper Risk : Reward. As the Risk : Reward in Buying side in uptrend is always Good than Playing Opposite. Some Guys Keep Playing Both Sides and Never Guide Traders about Proper Risk Management. 

Those who Want to Trade on Own Analysis by Learning the Analysis in Simplest Form, There is a Chance for them with our Training Workshops in different Parts of the Country. 

Those who are not on Our Telegram Channel may Join us There for Faster updates... Click Here === >>  

The Adviser, Atul S Shinde is a Global Currency, Commodity and Stock Market Expert, Technical Analyst and Fund Manager for International Clients. He is Having 10 years of Experience Guiding International Clients from Most of the Countries Ranging from Bangladesh to USA. 

The Analyst is a SEBI Certified Investment Adviser in India and Working For Indian Clients since Last 9 years as an Analyst.

Connect with the Adviser on Whatsapp : (+91) 8275 298 208, or Mail at : .... 

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Trading is all about Analysis and Risk management !! 

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hello Traders !!

Hello Traders, 

My Name is Atul S Shinde, I have been trading, investing and Working as an Analyst in International and Indian Markets since last 10+ years. Currently SEBI Certified Investment Adviser. Many of these years were Very Profitable, and Some were very painful. I have spent more than 10 years Learning in the Markets, have gone through many trading and investing books by Indian and Global Authors. I have spent Hundreds of Hours studying Charts. 

It wasn't a easy job, the painful years were more educative than the Profitable years. For all the educative years the fees in terms of losses was very huge. 

Trading can be both Lucrative and dangerous one. It is One of the Very Few Professions that gives an opportunity to everyone, requires less capital to start and a little knowledge. But The Traders are tend to lose quickly due to lack of education and mountains of Information. 

As Markets are Trading higher, Every Tom, Dick and Harry with little success in trading assumes himself a trading guru and starts training people with Poor Concepts and Half Knowledge. Traders are always lost and the Capital is always at Risk with people guiding traders never talk about trade sizing, risk management and many important aspects of trading. 

As a International Adviser I have faced and seen thousands of Traders going Bankrupt. I have been working with thousands of brokers, traders and investors in my tenure in Stock Markets. I have compiled many things that are tested and proved to be successful in hundreds of years of trading history. 

I hope you are Keen to Know it all from me Directly. 

I hope you are interested in becoming a Successful Trader, Just Read a Few Lines by a Internationally Successful and known Trader Author.. 

"Trading is not Just a Math. It's not just a system that you plug into a chart, and It's not a path to easy Money. You are going to have to earn it. If you do get Lucky and make some quick money, you will eventually give it back. Trading is a Business. Trading is Challenging because it requires being good at many things. Why? Because Trading is a Multidimensional sport." 

yes, it is a Multidimensional Sport, Learning to See Markets with a Different Angel is Always Necessary for the traders to have faith in their trades and hold positions with confidence. Most of the Advisers, Traders are seen trading for quick profits. They always give Targets and never wait for their targets to hit as they are never confident on their readings. 

Now a Days Many Guys are seen talking about "Price Action", do they really known what is a Price Action?? Knowing a Single Setup, Single Strategy is Price Action for them, Misguiding poor followers. Price-Action, Advanced Price Action and Many things are sold with different names. Do you really want to get trapped in this, or do you want to learn the science behind every setup and every strategy in a Simple Approach?? 

I hope you would like to go for Later one. Learning a Single Strategy, Single setup can be dangerous in Market. But Learning the Basic Science Behind most of the things will always last for long. is this the reason why we are Taught all basics at School level? Do they Always Start from teaching Alphabets and Numbers? or Start directly with Mathematical Formula's and Science? Learning the Basics helps you build your own Strategies, Your Own Trading Setups and You will be the King of your own Trading Kingdom. 

We will Make Your Learning Journey So Simple that you will Love it and You will always remember every part of the Learning for Life time. You will be the Expert with your own readings. Unbeatable Trading Experience is waiting for You!! 

Be Ready to Make your Own Strategies and Own Setups as I will teach you how to use the basics to mold everything with your own practice.

isn't is Amazing??

But wait, I do Have some Special things waiting for you, some special Surprises that will make the Experience sweeter for you. 

Once you are Enrolled to Our Learning Program, You will be in Our List of Special Members. The Family is Growing bit by bit and there are a Lot New Experiences Waiting for you... 

Once You Enroll in Our Learning Program, you will be offered an Exclusive Membership of Our "Elite Traders Club"

The Club comes with a lot of Exclusive Benefits. Let me list a Few here 
  • Monthly Newsletter delivered to your Inbox including Fresh Stocks to trade every month. 
  • New Lessons in Technical Analysis every Month Delivered to your Inbox 
  • Special Inclusion to our WhatsApp List 
  • Support for Next 6 months, till you become an expert. 
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  • Frequent High Return Stock ideas from Our "Equity Plus" Pack for Next 6 months. 
  • These Futures, Options and Equity Trade Ideas Normally Cost Approx 51000/- to our Subscribers, and Everything will be available for you at absolutely no cost.
  • Inclusion in these paid services will make sure, you earn good Money till you are in learning phase and Practice enough to be an Expert.
  • Exclusive Entry to Our Advanced Training Programs at Discounted prices. 
  • Negligible Cost Entry to Our Yearly Investor Meetings. 
This Makes the Learning Experience Attractive as you are always assured of Our Presence as Back up for you and easy earning till you practice what you learnt!! Does it Make Sense? I am Sure you are now too excited to Enroll Our Training Programs in Many Cities in India through out the year. 

Believe Me, This will be Reasonably Charged for the Next 6 Months as we are Focusing on spread and we want traders to get the Experience of difference. 

The Charges are going to increase by 50% in Next 6 Months  to make it more Exclusive and Elite Program. So Be Early to Reduce Cost and Be One of the First to be Our Elite Traders Club Member!!  

One more thing, Make Sure You don't Miss the Programs in Your City as We may be in your city max 2 times in a year. More Focus will be on Select Cities. 

Make Sure Your Friends Don't Miss it also. No Harm in suggesting them to learn, There is no Competition in Market. Market gives to all who are focused on their trading. 

Be Prepared to Learn... 

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